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Circumnavigating the planet and crossing the solar system, follow Major Blake Thompson and his team as they take on one harrowing challenge after another.  Happenstance offers real-life action, suspense and intrigue, and terrorist threats, along with the complication and unknown repercussions of potential extraterrestrial life. 



Science fiction meets techno-thriller. The plausible meets the impossible. Happenstance has it all. 

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It’s 2028. Earth finds itself in the midst of a centuries-old conflict. Sabotage threatens the mission to retrieve an unknown object in space. Terrorism threatens the national security of the U.S. And it’s all under the backdrop of humanity discovering that we may not be alone in this universe.

With a blend of hard sci-fi and the shocking jolts of a multi-layered techno-thriller, Phil Sheehan combines his in-depth aerospace engineering knowledge with a true storyteller’s gift to create a terrific, yet entirely tenable, near-future saga.


The best of both worlds. Happenstance delivers edge-of-your-seat action and thrills with the endless possibilities of science fiction. This novel and its coming sequels are sure to please audiences from many of the sci-fi, action, adventure and techno-thriller camps.


“Blake looked quietly out the control room window at the stars ahead. Jupiter was actually looking big enough to easily separate itself from the star field. The stars were beautiful, but the night sky ahead of them was quiet and lonely. 

What had he gotten into, and on an unproven, unknown potential battlefield without any of his normal weapons, tools or teammates. First an alien ship. Then a device on Mars. Followed by a potential Al Qaeda threat. Now an unknown second ship…”

Hold Happenstance in your hands today!

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THE sequel to happenstance, tribulations, IS HERE NOW



How does a man born on a dairy farm come to write an acclaimed sci-fi techno thriller? 

Phil Sheehan hails from farm life in rural upstate New York, but went on to become an engineer, eventually landing a position as director of engineering in a major world-wide aerospace company. Much of his expertise in engineering and aeronautics comes through in thrilling ways in Happenstance. Learn more about Phil.

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