“Our world is about to change…

and nothing is ever going to be the same.”

An unknown object is discovered near Pluto. Then another is found on Mars. Could they be related? Could they possibly be from an alien civilization?


The U.S. responds with a first-of-its-kind spaceship and an elite SEAL team, led by Major Blake Thompson, along with experts in the field to investigate. But sabotage and terrorist attacks threaten the fate of the mission and the security of the U.S. and the entire world. 


The danger and the stakes grow higher day by day, minute by minute.

Simultaneous terrorist attacks across the country endanger the fundamental security of the United States. An ominous and menacing fear grips the White House and the nation as the President enacts martial law. Danger and destruction appear at every corner, yet no one has any idea who the secretive and dangerous new enemy could be.

Separated from the earth by billions of kilometers, Blake and his Armstrong I crew journey continues despite subversion and attempts to crush the mission. His team grows as other members are unexpectedly drafted or left in a position with no choice but to join. In the search for answers, Blake’s team is called upon to scour the globe and the solar system. 

The fate of the U.S and the hopes of generations to come depend on his team’s ultimate success, but even if he does succeed, how much death and destruction will the country have to endure before he does?

As impossibility upon impossibility continues to pile on top of each other, everyone is left wondering, is this fate, devious design or Happenstance? 

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And keep an eye out for the sequel, titled Tribulations,  in late 2020/early 2021.

exceptional and extraordinary- just dazzling

Happenstance is a unique, exciting science fiction/techno-thriller novel with an original concept and plot. This is one book I would totally read again. It is that incredible!

Excellent- a must read

This book is excellent....I read a lot of books and this book ranks near the top of the books that I have read. If you like anything dealing with Science Fiction/First Encounter/Technology -Current & Future/Spies/Espionage/Battles/etc, this book will have something for you. The author has the ability to blend all of these genres into a very captivating book. He didn't indicate that there would be a sequel to this book; however, it does leave itself open to a future sequel. I sincerely hope that he does decide to write a sequel.
Do yourself a favor and try this book. I think that you will be happy.

fantastic read

This book was fantastic right from the first page. There was so much going on that all you want to do is read. The author even made the aliens pop to life. Best of all it is a stand alone book. Loved this but was sad when I read the last words cause there was no more to read. Well thought out and executed story.

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Happenstance sequel...


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