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Meet the mind behind Happenstance


Born in western Connecticut in 1958, and raised in rural upstate New York, Phil Sheehan grew up appreciating nature and the rewards of hard, honest work and getting things done. Nothing was taken for granted. To this day, he still values his roots and the simpler things in life. 


But Phil wasn’t long for the farm life. He went on to become an engineer, along the way he added a Masters in Engineering, an MBA and 13 U.S. patents. He eventually earned a position as the director of engineering in a major world-wide aerospace company. 40 years in aerospace engineering and manufacturing has given Phil a unique perspective on the realities of space flight that lend grit and credibility to his novels. 


Residing in Pueblo, Colorado for the last 21 years, Phil is father to 7 soccer-crazed kids, ranging in age from 16 to 34. When asked how Phil and his wife, Sue, plan and control such a brood they simply answer: “We don’t! It’s 100% reactive. If someone with 7 kids tells you otherwise, call BS!”


Happenstance is Phil’s debut novel and a lifelong dream realized. Keep an eye out for the next installment with Blake Thompson and his SEAL team. 

A note from the author:

In its simplest form, writing is an endeavor I possess a great deal of passion for. Even in grade school, I found writing to be a stimulating, satisfying, and creative vehicle to communicate what was important to me, as well as how I saw the world around me. Throughout my journey as a writer, my greatest reward has always been the feedback that I’ve received from my readers. Still, it took me decades to finally find the time to write the story that has been fermenting in my mind: Happenstance. An incredibly demanding job and bringing home the bacon for 7 kids didn’t make it easy, but I finally made it to the finish line and I couldn’t be more satisfied with how the book has turned out. I’m now chomping at the bit to continue the story. Book 2 of the Happenstance series is currently in editing and I’m already outlining book 3.


I grew up on sci-fi with authors like Asimov, Heinlein, and Arthur C. Clarke, but I also always loved a good adventure from the likes of Louis L’Amour and Lee Child. Combine that with an obsession with techno-thrillers from Michael Crichton, Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, and others, and you’ve got the recipe for all the influences that helped inspire this book. Plus, toss in countless books on WWI, WWII, and other great military tomes, decades of engineering knowledge, especially aeronautical engineering, and you get the unique combination of genres that Happenstance became.

I also believe that we owe so much to the military heroes who came before us. In addition to fueling my passion, writing is also a way to show my respect for my country and our military.  My dad was a Marine in the Korean War. I had two uncles in D-Day +3 and the Battle of the Bulge and my grandfather was left for dead on the battlefield in World War I, but he survived.  There is no greater sacrifice than what the military does.


I love sharing my passion and my stories with others. Get a copy of Happenstance today!

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